Morgan from the including server 00080-Package step 3-File 29-fourteen Kari Conrad, nine, Michael Daner, eleven, and Mrs

Morgan from the including server 00080-Package step 3-File 29-fourteen Kari Conrad, nine, Michael Daner, eleven, and Mrs

H.R. H.Roentgen. Morgan at adding machine 00080-Container step three-Document 31-fifteen Leo Hildenbrand, Election Caretaker, examining observe he possess all of the his points shortly after readying servers to own election. Secrets having 49 servers, 5 tactics for every single server; Election authorities enjoys techniques #1-2 and that unlock compartments to possess voters. Erwin Bailey and you may Mrs. William Macdonald, Jr. Beam Bohn and you can Mrs. Henry Roehrick setting up nativity scene within St. Anne’s Provide Fair 00080-Box 3-File 30-20 Mrs. Esther Schoewe, Home Ext. Agent, Burleigh State, Mrs. Joe Fevold, Jr. Vice president State Council 00080-Container step 3-Document 30-21 Wash Homemakers – Mrs. Robert Zentner and Mrs. Eugene Binder 00080-Package step three-File 30-twenty two Mrs. Otto Tabert, Mrs. Jacob Schnaidt having Christmas time lamp 00080-Container step three-File 29-23 Mrs.

Anderson that have Jay, 5, Cynthia, 8, and you may Jennifer, six 00080-Field 3-File 29-twenty five Don Bearman, Coleharbor Route Representative, Soo Range, within control of their broadcast in the depot 00080-Field step 3-File 30-26 Mr

Lynn Nicola, offering – Seated: Mrs. Elizabeth Brenneise, Mrs. Magdaline Ebel, Mrs. Anna Brockel, Mrs. B.C. Hjella 00080-Field 3-Document 30-24 Dr. Lloyd Elizabeth. Don Bearman, route agent during the Coleharbor, and you can young buck John Paul, 5, near the safeguarded wagon Mrs. Bearman’s father concerned Northern Dakota regarding Missouri within the 1902 00080-Field step three-File 31-27 About three men – FBI Counterspy 00080-Container 3-Document 29-twenty eight Mouth, Sol Wezelman, Shaul Ramati 00080-Box step three-File 29-31 Dee Lee, Shaul Ramati 00080-Field 3-File 30-29 Beam Bader, The newest Leipzig; Jim Marsden, Fargo, Paul Gardner, The new England; Ed Krieger, Beulah; Luke Jungers, Regent 00080-Container 3-File 29-31 Danis Hansey, Bowman, Delegate; Mrs.

Lawrence Faris, Bowman, State College or university Panel Officials Connection; Honest DeMatte, Bowman, Outsource 00080-Box 3-Document 31-thirty two Robert Bulles, Steele, Superintendent out-of Colleges in the Steele; Beam Peterson, Steele, Board from Administrators, Chairman ND College Officials Assoc. B. Argent, Steele, Chairman, School Officers Relationship, Kidder Condition 00080-Container 3-File 31-33 Jim Maher, Sioux State; Dill Van Oosting, Oliver State; A. Roentgen. Miller, Wonderful Area 00080-Container step three-Document 31-34 J. The students ladies’, symbolizing 17 west says, are on their way to Dual Ponds Stables, Vegas, Vegas, to sign up new Horsemanship stage of one’s Miss Rodeo America judging 00080-Field step three-File 31-fifty Unlabeled 00080-Package 3-File 30-51 Unlabeled 00080-Container step 3-File 31-52a Fireplace increasing at the Bismarck High 00080-Container step 3-Document 30-52b Fuel outlines 00080-Container step three-File 31-53a Guys putting bricks 00080-Package 3-Document 30-53b House 00080-Container 3-Document 30-54a Street covered having cars in the evening 00080-Field step 3-Document 31-54b Joseph F.

Schneider off Bismarck with money off Much time River Creatures Haven 00080-Box step 3-Document 30-55a Roadway layered with autos at night 00080-Package step three-File 30-55b Couches and equipment in store 00080-Field 3-Document 30-56a fourteen ton, 56 ft much time box type girder – is also e embark on connection creating center span of connection 00080-Package 3-Document 29-56b Canine for the right back regarding vehicle 00080-Container step three-Document 29-57a Lookin when you look at the lift axle? Theodore H. Ritzke 00080-Package 3-File 29-03 Mr. Donald Meidinger 00080-Package step three-File 31-04 Mr. Jergen Anderson 00080-Container step 3-File 29-05 Mr. Andrews Cunningham 00080-Field step 3-Document 31-06 Mr. Merritt Hoffman 00080-Field step 3-Document 30-07 Mr. Russell Kiker, Jr. Steven is actually 3 years old and certainly will in the course of time dominate brand new route in the foreseeable future. Earl Harting will teach fifth Stages in the Leader School – Julie Tracy, Vicki Swenson, and you may Rachelle Buttman 00080-Field step 3-File 30-sixteen Doug Hardesty, Helena (MT), County Security Dept.

Mary Derman – Updates and you can serving for the buttocks, Mrs

W. Bethea, Ex. Sec. Jim Johnston, Bismarck; Rep. Ervin Baer, Roscoe (SD); Agent. Magnus Aasheim, Antelope (MT) 00080-Field step 3-Document 31-18 Gene Hilken, Wilton; Fred W. Aichele, Driscoll, Bob Heaton, McKenzie, Willis Alm, Regan 00080-Container 3-Document 29-19 Robert Welch, Menoken; Andrew Liuska, Wing; Ray Hanson, Bismarck, Gerald Ghylin 00080-Package step three-File 29-20 Senator Tap Goodin, Minneapolis, and Agent. Leo Mosier, Minneapolis 00080-Package step three-File 31-21 Klaudh, Dir. Coverage Responsibility Division, ND; W. G. Eames, Dir. Driver Register, Agency of Public Channels Dept. Ed Flanagan, Bis Wysocki, Minto Pres. Ladies’ Aux. Harold Luke, Bismarck 00080-Package step 3-File 31-twenty five Playground Vacuum, Moffit, and you will Richard Dougherty, Driscoll, why not find out more for the Globe Battle Art gallery Strengthening to have 22nd Annual Appointment Crushed Preservation Areas 00080-Field step three-Document 30-twenty-six One or two men buying and selling gavel – Crushed Conservation 00080-Field step 3-Document 30-twenty-seven Harris Crimmins, Wing; Ed Flanagan, Bismarck – Floor Preservation 00080-Box 3-Document 29-twenty eight Mrs.

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